Frequently Asked Questions for your Snow Holiday

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Lift Tickets

Do I need a lift ticket to ski or snowboard?

If you wish to catch any lifts in a resort (this includes chairlifts, T bars, rope tows and any other lifts) you are required to hold a valid lift ticket.

What does my lift ticket give me access to and what does it include?

Your lift ticket entitles you to all mountain access. Lift and lesson tickets include daily lessons (times and durations vary depending on your selected resort). Your lift ticket does not include National Parks entry or resort entry or rental equipment unless specifically stated.

Can I ski or snowboard in more than one resort with one lift ticket?

In NSW: No, Your Perisher, Thredbo, Selwyn or Charlotte Pass lift ticket gives you access to that resort only
In Victoria: As Falls Creek and Hotham are affiliated, you are entitled to ski in both resorts with a single valid lift ticket. There are helicopter rides available between the two resorts. Mt Buller lift tickets are for Mt Buller only.

Are senior discounts available?

All resorts provide discounts on lift tickets for seniors, however ages vary depending on your selected resort.

Is my 2+ day ticket consecutive?

All one - four day lift tickets are consecutive. Some resorts offer 5 of 7 day, 6 of 8 day and 7 of 9 day lift tickets - this will depend on the resort you have selected.

Do I need a lift ticket to toboggan or for general snow play?

No lift ticket is necessary to toboggan. There are designated toboggan areas in each resort and it is strongly recommended that you remain within the designated toboggan area in your selected resort.


Do I need to have lessons if I've never skied or snowboarded before?

It is strongly recommended that first timers take lessons. Skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous for both you and the riders around you if equipment is used in the wrong way or if you are unable to perform actions to prevent accidents.

How long are my lessons?

The start time and duration of your lessons will depend on your selected resort and lesson standard. All lessons are between 2 and 3 hours.

Where do my lessons take place and where do I meet for them?

Each resort has designated meeting places and lesson areas. They are clearly signed and any resort staff can assist you if you are unsure.

I skied many years ago, do I have to take lessons again?

It is recommended that you have at least one lesson if you haven't skied or boarded for quite a while, as this will refresh you and keep you safe on the mountain allowing for maximum fun. Regardless of the lesson standard you take, you will progress as the group progresses.

How many people are in my group lessons?

Generally groups lessons are for no more than 8 skiers or snowboarders per instructor. Some resorts offer lessons with a maximum of 6 riders.

What lessons are available for my children?

Each resort offers lessons for children 3 years and older. Young children (usually 3-6 years) are required to enrol in half or all day programs, whereas older children (7 years+) can participate in 2 or 3 hour group lessons in the morning or afternoon. Each resort offers different kids programs which can include instruction, lunch, refreshments and age-appropriate snow play. For specific details regarding options available for your children, speak with a consultant today.

Equipment Hire

Do I have to hire my equipment on mountain?

While each resort offers on-mountain hire outlets (often multiple options), there are also off-snow hire outlets in the towns surrounding each resort. On-mountain hire is recommended for convenience and ease, however hiring equipment in off-snow locations often works out to be the more economical option.

How long will my equipment hire fitting take?

The time required will depend on the number of people and the ages of everyone being fitted and what they require. In most cases, fitting for skis or snowboards and boots takes around 10 - 15 minutes per person.

What age do child rates cover?

Child ages will vary depending on your hire outlet of choice. Most childrens equipment is hired by the childs height and weight, as opposed to age. If you would like to know whether your child will be able to hire on child rates, speak with a consultant today.

Do I need to hire waterproof clothing if I'm not skiing or snowboarding?

If you intend to travel to any resort for snowplay of any kind, it is strongly recommended that you wear waterproof clothing and suitable footwear.

Resort Entry

Do I need to pay to go into my selected resort?

In NSW: All guests (including day visitors and overnight visitors) are required to pay entry to the Kosciuszko National Park in order to reach Perisher, Thredbo or Selwyn. For Kosciuszko National Park entry prices, click here.
In Victoria: Each resort requires an entry fee to be paid prior to entry into the resort - pricing can be found by clicking here: Mt Buller / Hotham / Falls Creek

Does my resort entry fee include parking?

Your entry fee includes free day parking and overnight parking in selected resorts. Most resorts require you to park outside the resort if you are staying overnight, however your consultant can offer advice on the best option depending on your selected resort and accommodation option.

Do I need to carry chains on my way into my selected resort?

Chains are required by law when travelling to all Australian resorts excluding Thredbo. All overnight visitors in all resorts must carry chains as conditions can change significantly overnight. Chains can be hired in a number of service stations and hire outlets in the areas surrounding each resort.


When do I need to pay for my accommodation?

Our booking terms and conditions require full payment prior to your travel date - for our payment terms and conditions including cancellation fees, please click here.

I have booked a room or apartment for a certain number of guests - can I bring extra people?

Each property and apartment/unit has a legal limit as to how many guests can be accommodated. Overcrowding can result in heavy fines and eviction from your selected property.

Is my accommodation pet-friendly?

Most accommodation will not allow pets, however limited pet-friendly accommodation is available - more information is available by clicking here.

Are apartments fully self-contained?

While each apartment has different inclusions and varying standards of furniture and equipment, all apartments available are fully self-contained including kitchen facilities, laundry facilities, crockery and cutlery unless otherwise specified. Most apartments include linen & towels - check with your consultant if you are unsure about the inclusions of your selected apartment/s.

Does my accommodation include car parking?

Each accommodation option varies throughout the Australian resorts, so check with your consultant whether your selected option/s include parking.

Snow Conditions

How do I know what the snow is like before I travel?

Each resort provides frequently updated snowcams to enable you to see the latest conditions before you step out the door. Webcams for all resorts can be found by clicking here.

When is the best time to travel to ensure maximum snowfall?

The weather is unpredictable and can change at a moments notice, however typically the peak season for snowfall is July and August. Each year's snowfall varies, so each resort installs and upgrades millions of dollars worth of snowmaking each year to ensure the best possible conditions when Mother Nature decides not to provide.

What if there is no snow or very little snow when I travel?

Some resorts offer snow guarantees allowing you partial or full refunds if there is not adequate snow to run a certain number of lifts on your travel date. Regardless of this, we strongly recommend travel insurance for all snow holidays as life can throw many things at you that can prevent your snow holiday and typically all monies paid are non-refundable. For travel insurance information and quotes, click here.

How will I know if I need to fit chains?

If chains are required you will be stopped on your way up the mountain at an appropriate chain-fitting area on the side of the road. Officers will be available to advise you of conditions and assist with chain fitting if required.

Travel and Transport

What's the best way to get to my selected resort or accommodation?

Travel details for each area (including travel times from major cities and transport options) can be found by clicking here: Jindabyne / Selwyn / Thredbo / Perisher / Mt Buller / Hotham / Falls Creek

Are the roads to the ski resorts difficult to drive?

As with any road in inclement weather, it is recommended that great care is taken and all speed limits adhered to. In peak times, all roads to resorts are busy and can often be windy and travel can be slow, but it is advisable to travel slowly and cautiously so that you and the drivers around you are safe.

Are there transfers available to my accommodation?

Various transfer companies offer different transfer options to each resort from certain cities. Your consultant can provide advice on the best transfer option depending on your starting point and your destination.