First timers - Let us show you how

Is this your first visit to the snow?

A snow holiday can be the most incredibly fun and memorable holiday you will ever experience. All we want to ensure is that the planning of your holiday is as simple and straightforward as it should be.

With the help of our friendly holiday consultants a fun and successful visit to the snow couldn't be easier. Absolute Alpine will assist in ensuring that you are well organised. With a check list below of important things to consider in preparation for your trip you are well on your way.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions page and get started with our step by step holiday package builder below!

Step One - Choose Your Accommodation

Whether you wish to stay on snow and enjoy the sheer fun and convenience of being right there or whether you are a little more budget conscious or simply do not want to stay "on-snow"you may choose to stay in one of the alpine townships nearby. The variety of accommodation available to you through Absolute Alpine either on-snow or in the surrounding townships includes self-contained units and houses, hotels, mountain lodges or luxury resorts.

Jindabyne - Thredbo - Perisher - Selwyn - Falls Creek - Hotham - Mt Buller

Let us do the hard work for you - check out these packages

Step Two - Lift Tickets and Activity Passes

First Timer lesson packages are available at all the Alpine Resorts. These include lessons with qualified instructors on skiing or snowboarding as well as lift access to the slopes. Absolute Alpine can simply package all lift passes, lesson packages and equipment hire as a whole or individually as you require. Significant discounts can be made when you package these items together with your accommodation.

Thredbo - Perisher - Selwyn - Falls Creek - Hotham - Mt Buller

Step Three - Equipment Hire

Absolute Alpine will advise you on different options of where to get your snow sport equipment depending on where you are staying. We can pre-book this for you so all you need to do is turn up and get yourself fitted out with the best in snow gear.

Jindabyne - Thredbo - Perisher - Selwyn - Falls Creek - Hotham - Mt Buller

Step Four - Getting There

The Absolute Alpine team are here to help you find the easiest way to your destination. Whether you'd prefer to drive yourself, hire a car at the airport or catch a coach transfer and let someone else do the driving for you, Absolute Alpine have the solution you need. Our team will make sure there are no surprises by ensuring you've got all the knowledge you'll need for your first trip to the snow.

Jindabyne - Thredbo - Perisher - Selwyn - Falls Creek - Hotham - Mt Buller

Step Five - Stay Safe with Travel Insurance

Absolute Alpine offers specialist travel insurance specifically designed to protect you whilst on your way to and also whilst visiting us here in the Australian Alps. Did you know that by securing alpine travel insurance at the time of booking your holiday package you will have compete holiday cover from that time on?  Should you be unable to travel prior to your departure date, due to unforeseen circumstances outside of your control, you'll rest assured with Aussie Travel Cover.

Step Six - Have Fun!

Snow holidays are a truly unique experience that can create memories to last a lifetime. Absolute Alpine are here to help you get everything prepared so that you can have an absolutely amazing alpine adventure! Whatever your style of holiday, Absolute Alpine have the answer!




Need more information?

Contact one of the team at Absolute Alpine or call us on 1300 278 483.   With a combined 40 years of alpine industry experience, and a wealth of local mountain knowledge, we will create the perfect package for you, with unbeatable deals!

Holiday Check List!

Alpine weather is unpredictable and conditions can change quickly. Wear your clothing in layers with insulating clothes on the inside and wind and waterproof clothing on the outer. Several thin layers made of wool or synthetic fibres have insulating properties and are better than thick bulky layers. Never wear jeans, cotton or nylon as these materials will not provide enough protection. Body heat is lost from the head, feet and hands so it is important to wear beanies, warm long thin woollen socks and waterproof gloves. To protect your skin and eyes, do not forget sunscreen, sunglasses and goggles. Don't forget to pack comfortable, waterproof footwear that will offer good grip on slippery conditions.

Quality waterproof outer jackets and pants may be hired however due to health regulations you will need to purchase gloves and beanies.

Check out the conditions before you start!

It is important you check snow and weather conditions before you set out for the day. Up to date snow weather and grooming reports are updated daily here at Snow reports are broadcast regularly on local radio stations such as 97.7 Snow FM Cooma, FM94.7 Jindabyne, FM101.9 Perisher, FM88.0 Raw FM Perisher, FM87.6 Raw FM Jindabyne.


When is the best time to take my holiday?

The official opening of the winter snow season is the June Long Weekend (Friday 11th June 2010)  The season official closing snow season is the October Long Weekend (Mon 4th October 2010)  Sometimes this can be extended to include the NSW school holidays conditions permitting.

So....will there be snow?

Well to put it simply Mother Nature is fickle. It's hard to tell when she's going to deliver in the snow department, for how long and where. Add plenty of other weather factors that can affect the snow once it's fallen into the mix and great snow conditions are not always a guarantee. Snowmaking is the saviour of all Australian Ski Resorts.  Without it we would not have the consistent conditions we have today.

Do I need a lesson?

Having a lesson will ensure that your first skiing or boarding experience is safe and enjoyable.  First Timer Lift Tickets include your Lift Ticket and a Daily Lesson program tailored to the needs of those who have never been skiing or boarding before.  Some resorts will offer a free first timer lesson.  Check out the resort information pages for details.

We just want to play in the snow.....where should we go?

One of the traditional childhood delights of the snowfields is tobogganing. It’s an affordable addition to your skiing and boarding holiday that’s great fun for kids and parents alike.  The snowfields have dedicated areas for just this.  See our Resort Information pages on Perisher & Selwyn Snow Fields for activities and snow safe areas available.